What advertisers expect from TV audience research and what they actually get


To get us started on this workshop I propose to ask six basic questions to which I also propose some answers. I do not expect that all of you will necessarily agree with the suggestions and proposals I will be making, but that should certainly ensure a lot of good discussions. I would like to acknowledge that some of the material that I am going to be sharing with you is from a paper given by Mr. Tom Neumann, Manager Media and Programming Development, Europe, P&G GmbH, called "What Advertisers Expect from TV Audience Research and What They Actually Get." I cannot claim to have the same level of expertise or the depth of knowledge on the subject that Mr. Neumann would have provided had he been here, but I do know something about the region and the research measurements being used here and I expect that if I go wrong many of you will pitch in with the correct answer. Inciddntally, even through my questions are on TV, they apply equally well to the other media.

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