What do people do with their camphones?

Date of publication: November 7, 2004


Since its introduction in various markets over the past year or two, Multi Media Message (MMS) photo-messaging has been heavily hyped - firstly, as a potential ARPU-driver for the networks, and secondly, as a potentially significant generator of sales for the handset manufacturers. Meanwhile, penetration of handsets with integrated cameras (camphones) and handsets capable of receiving MMS is now beginning to approach critical mass in some of the more mature markets. The stage appears to be set for photo-messaging to come into its own. But it hasn't quite happened yet, and industry commentators have begun asking whether MMS-based photo-messaging is going to sink or swim. The focus of this paper is to examine what camphone users are actually doing with their camphones in order to see how the market has been developing over the last 12 months. It draws upon several phases of primary research both qualitative and quantitative in several countries. This paper offers insights into current usage and behaviour and identifies the key drivers and barriers that will determine the future of photo-messaging.

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