What is in it for me?

Date of publication: September 1, 1998

Author: Karen Riddell


The willingness of potential respondents to participate in surveys is obviously a major concern for the market research industry not only in relation to individuals acting in a private capacity but equally in the business-to-business market where limitations in the number of potential contacts in some specialist sectors periodically lead to fears of over- researching which in turn can lead to escalating recruitment problems as refusal rates increase. This paper describes perceptions of market research by business respondents identified in an investigation by the Research Development Foundation in the United Kingdom. The main findings from this qualitative and quantitative research are presented as well as a discussion of the production of guidelines to ensure that maximum willingness to participate is achieved from the business respondent audience. Issues investigated include general willingness to take part in surveys differences by business sector and specifically comparison with the general public audience contacted for consumer research.

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