What is missing in media planning?

Date of publication: June 15, 1984


This paper is based on a lot of experience. My judgement for you today in "what is missing in media planning" are; A. Planners in general are not seriously and completely trained in fundamentals of media planning, the research methods and their effects on data used for buying; B. The division of dollars between media is made before the proper planning review. Typically, in the U.S., the larger quantities of dollars are given to network television before an annual review of the goals and competitive media strengths or weaknesses are reviewed because that's what worked before; C. The creative process is oriented towards the television medium in the U.S. because it is a high awareness medium and is important to a creative person's reputation; D. "Short" terra profit oriented product managers are looking for "important" quirk tactical responses more often than slower but potentially more profitable strategic responses.

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