What makes people like, and click on, an Internet banner

Date of publication: June 1, 2001


In order to answer questions concerning factors affecting click-through rate and to compare them to factors affecting intention to click and attitude toward the ad, the authors of this paper summarize two separate studies that they have performed. The main difference found concerned the use of gimmicks, which acted favourably on the click-through rate but had no effect (it even tended to be negative) on intention to click. Moreover it created irritation since it had a negative effect on the liking score of the banner. On the other hand it is interesting to note that all being equal (interest, liking), gimmicks seem to enhance the intention to click. Further research is needed to validate the suggestion that this is due to the simulation of interactivity. Images were more deceptive concerning the effect of animation: a significant effect on the click-through rate was not found. Contrarily animation seems to stimulate intention to click. Not mentioning the brand name seems to have a negative effect on intention to click (but no effect on the click-through rate).

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