When less is more

Date of publication: June 14, 2004

Author: Tony Jarvis


Global advancements in passive electronic audience measurement of Out-of-Home/Outdoor media look promising and are a great improvement over the old-fashioned travelog/diary or mere traffic counts approaches. However, there are obstacles to overcome in implementing this new measurement and global standards need to be established and followed. To make the data as 'sound' as possible Visibility Adjustment Impacts (VAIs) should be applied site by site. Additionally, VAI approaches must be specifically modified for each different country: more research is involved, which will incur incremental costs. However, once the VAI approaches are created, measuring inventory for VAIs 'only has to be done once' - so it should be executed as accurately as possible. Discounting targeted gross audience passage data with VAIs - less will prove to give us more - a measurement of 'likelihood of seeing an ad' on targeted gross impact data for Out-of-Home/Outdoor media. This data, reflecting ad exposure rather than Opportunity-To-See, is critical to advertisers and their agencies when considering not only the different formats available in the OOH medium but also when comparing OOH to other media.

Tony Jarvis


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