Whither business-to-business research

Date of publication: September 1, 1987

Author: Johan Aucamp


A postal survey was carried out among 519 agencies in Europe listed in the ESOMAR 1985/86 handbook and 60 IMRA agencies who do not have an ESOMAR member. 1. 114 of the 170 ESOMAR member agencies who returned a questionnaire conduct some business to business research. Fully extrapolated this comes to 350 ESOMAR member agencies in Europe carrying out business to business research. Looking at the non returns, however, I estimate this at around 250. 2. In Germany, France and UK alone a further 120 non ESOMAR agencies carry out business to business research. 3. Looking ahead, respondent wear-out could be one of the most important problems facing agencies in business to business research. 33% of DP management (in a survey among those with intermediate and large computers) were approached at least once a month during 1986 for an interview; 5% were approached at least once a week. 4. By 1996 45% of interviews carried out will be by telephone (as against 36% now). More importantly, whereas 11% of telephone interviews in 1986 were CATI based, 40% of telephone interviews 10 years hence will be CATI based.

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