Winelands and competitive retail off-licences on behalf of Findlater & Mackie Ltd and Barnaby & Tarr Ltd.

Date of publication: October 1, 1976


The research objectives were as follows:

1. To examine current attitudes towards drinking and the relative importance of spirits, beer and wine;

2. To examine consumer purchasing patterns of wine, other forms of alcohol and ancillary products the motivations behind those purchases, the criteria operating when using a specific outlet;

3. To identify users of Winelands and compare these customers with those of competitive outlets;

4. To elicit awareness of and attitudes towards Winelands, identifying specific positives und negatives.

5. In more general terms to identify any other factors particular to the general imagery of Winelands;

6. To determine which factors' reinforce users of Winelands to shop there, those which are unattractive for non-users;

7. To compare and contrast the attitudes of users of Winelands with those of non-users.

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