Wireless surveys

Date of publication: December 1, 2002

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2002

Author: Vanessa Oshima


Over the past decade technology has become increasingly important in the acquisition of market research data, from CATI and CAPI studies through to the Internet. The Internet in particular has been growing as a cost-effective and timely way to conduct interviews in opinion research. In Japan, Internet access is not only PC-based but also mobile device-based. All eyes are on Japan as it leads the way in the use of 2.5 and 3G technologies. Currently approximately 60 million Japanese are connected to the mobile Internet, surpassing the number of fixed line Internet connections. Mobile research provides a new channel for accessing consumers, revolutionary in terms of its reach, speed, and location targeting. This paper will first consider how mobile research is conducted, its strengths and weaknesses. This is followed by an overview of who is currently conducting mobile research in Japan. Finally, this paper will consider the evolving potential of this new market research medium and its application to challenges faced by marketers.

Vanessa Oshima


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