Your best customers are not those you have today

Date of publication: June 15, 1994

Author: Philip Angle


It will be argued that the problems, with customers, stem from change the pace of change is accelerating and it cannot be slowed down It is happening within our existing customers. Technology is playing but a part in this process. New Industries are being created, in the past it would just be new companies within an industry. The effects of these changes on our clients and the decision makers within them will be examined. Finally a set of recommendations will be made as to what we can do to regain some of the control, that is slipping away from us. Two main industries Telecommunications and Information Technology will be used to illustrate the problem and specific case studies from within them will be utilised to clarify the situation and point the way forward to actions we can all take. Finally things to watch out for will be discussed.

Philip Angle


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