Advertising effectiveness and marketing productivity where the market cannot afford too much electronic wizardry: The experience of creating and running a single source panel in India

Date of publication: September 1, 1988


Electronic technology has introduced the personal TV meter and product pack scanning and other devices into sophisticated measurement of advertising and product purchasing. The costs are too high for the methodology to be used in many countries and yet the need for measurements of advertising effect and coverage are there. In India, a single source Panel has been running for 18 months based on more traditional Panel methods, with modifications suitable for the cultural and social environment of the country. This paper provides evidence of the reliability and effectiveness of the research and case histories of the ways the data have been used to good effect. in particular it discusses ways of taking a more balanced measure of TV's impact and coverage in a country where, for the time being, it is perhaps regarded uncritically as an advertising medium. it looks at alternative media strategies and various measures of the sales effect of advertising. A new analysis for predicting audiences to sponsored programme series is also described. The main conclusion from the paper is that there is no need to wait until the electronic technology can be afforded. Suitable modifications to traditional non-electronic methods are more than adequate.

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