Agile Elephants

Date of publication: April 24, 2024

Catalogue: Latin America 2024


An intelligent data platform enables a city to break down data silos and organise its data coherently. Once the data has been coherently integrated, it leverages the power and potential of big data for multiple applications. Moreover, the integral approach helps overcome challenges and risks associated with data management, such as data quality, security, privacy, ethics and governance. Our paper will cover this transformational process, outlining the methodology used and summarising the results we achieved. We divided our paper into two main chapters. The first serves as a general guideline for governments embarking into digital transformation, with arguments pivoting around the Buenos Aires City?s case. The second chapter covers the specific use cases deployed so far in certain detail, as a means to spread knowledge and trigger novel ideas. The transformative journey of Buenos Aires offers a beacon of inspiration for cities worldwide. As we celebrate the strides made in digital innovation and citizen-centric governance, we extend a heartfelt invitation to other municipalities to embark on similar endeavours. The methodology outlined in this paper serves as a roadmap for navigating the complexities of digital transformation, offering practical insights and actionable strategies.

Patricio Pagani


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Melisa Breda


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