ESOMAR UK members update & networking event

Date of publication: February 15, 2021

Catalogue: Webinars 2021


The session will consist of an informative update and "rapid-fire" review of current hot topics and a chance for some networking.


- ESOMAR Update - Joaquim Bretcha (ESOMAR President)

- US International Update - Kristin Luck (ESOMAR Vice President)

- Results of the Mental Wellbeing Survey - James Endersby (CEO of Opinium)

- Top tips to overcome remote working challenges - Sinead Jefferies (Founder Vela and MRS Board Member)

- Careers Update - Liz Norman (Founder EN International)

- MRBA - here to help you and your teams - Jennifer Roberton Perry (Managing Director respondi, Trustee of MRBA and MRS Board Member)

- Connecting ESOMAR Communities- Anne-Sophie Damelincourt (Esomar Treasurer)

- Mop up Q&A

- Thank and close- Alex Wheatley and Finn Raben (ESOMAR Director General)

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