An exploratory study of the non-participation in the online surveys using access panels

Date of publication: April 17, 2005


During the last ten years, the evolution of ad hoc studies has been marked by the rise of the surveys carried out on access panels. Studies on access panels have extended to brand image tracking, advertising campaigns, lifestyles and values surveys and even to opinion, attitude or behavior inquiries. Apart from longitudinal studies or those confined to U&A inquiries, access panels are also used to conduct a wide range of surveys from opinion polls to marketing-mix optimization surveys: screening of concepts, concept tests, product tests, etc. Access panels are also used in both the FMCG (B to C) and the durable (B to B) sectors. This paper explores the variables correlated with total non-response and measures the effectiveness of the methods used to increase response rate in the case of an online B to C access panel.

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