Anticipating expectations

Date of publication: September 1, 1992


Three themes will have an increasing impact on consumer demand in the developed markets through the end of the decade: - Brand Value: Brands will become increasingly important to both marketers and consumers in the '90's as functional product differences become ever more trivial. Within that, the softer side of brands (personality, image, relationships) will actually become the cutting edge of brand distinction. The Quality Element of the Value Equation: There is now quite a preponderance of evidence from a variety of sources that even in the toughest economic times, the consumer is unwilling to sacrifice justifiable perceived quality for price. However, much of the TQM movement has been misfocussed on process to the neglect of demand. -Customer Satisfaction: In the '80's we made a distinction between consumers and customers. Now, however, the lines are once again becoming indistinct as, for example, fast moving consumer goods ('fmcg') marketers are starting to think of the 'lifetime value' of the people who buy their products. Customer satisfaction and quality of service will become a key to success.

Alexander L. Biel


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