Association technique and jingle analysis

Date of publication: September 1, 1989


This paper presents an approach to symbolic jingle analysis. The technique is based on the concept that music plays an important part in deciding the emotional charge of an advertising message, not only reinforcing it but also giving it an exclusive emotional character. It is therefore important to ensure that the evocative content of the jingle, ie. the constellation of affective meanings it calls to the mind of the person receiving the message, are consistent with the symbolic structure of the product and its brand and with the objective of the communication strategy. The jingle analysis technique illustrated is basically an associative technique, based on theoretical concepts drawn from new orientations in psychoanalysis. After presenting . these concepts the paper covers two applications of the technique/ the choice of a jingle designed for a food product message from a set of three, and the analysis of the extent to which the music in a detergent commercial is consistent with the product.

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