Audience measurement and communication effectiveness

Date of publication: June 15, 1992

Company: BVA Group

Author: Michel Brulé


Every day, managers of T.V, channels, in France like in most other western Countries, receive in their office tables and graphs showing the day before audience of T.V. broadcasts. They discover the number of viewers at each time segment throughout the day and the market share of each channel. In this way they profit from invaluable information, allowing them to learn about T.V. viewer's choice and to appreciate the soundness of their programming policy. These data will give selling arguments to T.V. time vendors and provide media planners, in advertising agencies as well as in space buying shops, with fresh bases for their calculations. With the advent of press-button peoplemeters leading to very fine measurements of individual viewing, one can say we have now entered into the era of scientific audience calculation where the combined knowledge of electronics and of operational research, offers advertisers indisputable campaign audience measurements.

Michel Brulé


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