B2B decision-making: Does 'good' matter?

Date of publication: June 15, 2014


Having worked with one of our sister companies, the Good Relations Group, on developing a landmark piece of research in 2013, looking at the importance of companies 'being good' in the eyes of consumers, we started asking ourselves whether and to what extent this applied to the world of B2B. People buy-in quite easily to the idea that consumers make brand judgements based on emotional factors - but does this really apply to B2B? Do major corporations make serious purchasing decisions based on the power of a brand rather than evaluating cost and benefit ratios? We were determined to find out, so in May 2014 we conducted an investigative piece of research - with online quant followed by in-depth interviews - to examine this question. The results surprised us - and we're sure they'll fascinate you!

Sinead Jefferies


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