Beyond vehicle contact

Date of publication: March 1, 1976


Four basic problem areas are identified and discussed. An adequate conceptual framework of the advertising effect process, within which 'qualitative' media factors operate, is seen as comprising four elements: vehicle; message; audience; and contact situation. They must be regarded as interactive variables, not just additive ones. Individual factors to be hypothesised are re-grouped as physical vehicle characteristics on the one hand and aspects of the audience/vehicle interface on the other. Under the latter heading, 'behaviour' and 'attitudes' are seen as different aspects of the same phenomenon. In the measurement problem area, the main discussion is of the validity of the dependent variables used to assess the apparent effects of qualitative factors. Lastly, in the application of 'qualitative' data, the view is taken that they must, inevitably, be integrated with the existing, well developed techniques for comparative media assessment at the quantitative, vehicle audience level.

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