Capturing the implicit mind

Date of publication: May 15, 2005


This paper focuses on how the qualitative/quantitative technique of Free-Choice Profiling was used to better understand consumers' unconscious and emotional reactions to fragrances in liquid fabric softener products via images, memories, emotions and characteristics. Generalized Procrustes Analysis was performed on the Free-Choice Profiling data in order to generate a 'consensus design'. The perceptual maps generated a visual display of the cognitive structures of fragrance imagery by illustrating the relationships among products based on the attribute ratings provided by each panelist. The valuable unspoken information gained by free association can be translated into information that is actionable and insightful for the perfumer and creative team, effectively breaking down the language barrier between consumer and perfumer. By utilizing indirect methods, such as Free-Choice Profiling, Takasago has the ability to listen to and understand the consumer's unconscious subconscious fragrance experience.

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