Co-creating insights

Date of publication: February 11, 2009


Many brands over the years have talked the talk in terms of being a customer driven organisations, but this has often meant little more than brand teams attending a few customer immersion sessions and testing a few ideas in focus groups and through surveys. The first half of the presentation will demonstrate the importance of approaching your customers in a different way in order to co-create better insights. In particular it will focus on how co-creation fits into a whole new way of thinking about your customers and how they engage with your business. The second half of the presentation will involve the delegates in a crowd sourcing exercise that builds on the theme of the democratisation of insights and ideas by communities. Delegates in groups will decide on the 3 best insights and the 3 best ideas this has stimulated for their business which they have gathered from the conference and present them to everyone - then all together as the Esomar community we will rank the top 3 overall.

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