Coca-cola, Levi's, Adidas... Co-educators of our children

Date of publication: June 15, 1996


If young people today are completely different from their counterparts of twenty years ago, the same may be said of traditional educational structures entrusted with their upbringing (parents, teachers, society in general, etc.). In many European countries, the priority given to the autonomy of a child - at least up to the age of eighteen years: after this we see on the contrary later and later family cohabitation - leads to a globalisation of education and in particular to the emergence of new educational fields in the areas of consumption, distribution and communication. Consequently new educators appear beside the traditionalists: Kellogg's conveys the importance of breakfast, Nike valorises effort, Levi's offers a dynamic life style and Coca-Cola allows one to be permanently cool”.

Joël-Yves le Bigot


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