Competitive intelligence


This paper has indicated that Competitive Intelligence represents the flip-side of the strategy coin. Strategy without intelligence, we have suggested, is not strategy, it is guessing. Some pharmaceutical firms are making considerable progress toward developing Cl as a core capability, and it would not be surprising if before the year 2000 a strong competence in Cl is considered in the industry a minimum price of admission for doing business. In addition, shareholders, already baying for more value creation will increasingly question how well managers manage the assets with which they are entrusted, and will not accept gut feel or industry experience as surrogates for policymaking which, quite rightly, should be based on facts, analysis, good judgment, and homework. Cl is not market research; nor is it industrial espionage. It is a legal, ethical, and creative process that generates a decision related, future oriented product managers can use to eliminate corporate blindspots, facilitate change, and improve competitiveness.

Douglas C. Bernhardt


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