Concept testing in the pre-launch phase

Date of publication: March 1, 1975

Author: John S. Burton


In order to maximise the profitable exploitation of new products it is essential for pharmaceutical manufacturers to evaluate new product concepts and, nearer to the date of launch, assess the relative merits of possible promotional concepts. Concept testing is not an isolated type of research but is an integral part of the total programme of marketing research for product development. In this paper the role of product and promotional concept tests and their place in the total Research and Product Development Programme are described. Methods are suggested by which certain specific types of concept test may be undertaken. Concept tests and related research projects are seen as a specific aid to marketing, product and promotion management. The Paper is intended to provide useful guidelines, not only for marketing researchers responsible for this type of study, but also for others concerned in the various aspects of marketing and promotion management.

John S. Burton


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