Date of publication: March 5, 1969

Author: David W. Newill


Concepts of the meaning, definition, objects and role of industrial marketing research vary in accordance with a number of factors, most of which derive from the researcher's experiences and defined responsibilities and also the types of products and markets with which he is concerned. This becomes very apparent in all attempts to discuss industrial marketing research and this Seminar has been no exception. Indeed even the term IMR or industrial marketing has been quite rightly criticised as inaccurate in certain instances but such phrases as 'research in the markets for products or services supplied to industrial and commercial users' are too cumbersome. It has always been my hope that the term would contract to IMR and the original phrase be forgotten. However, both E.S.O.M.A.R. and EVAF are open to suggestions and will be jointly discussing terminology in the future. Perhaps we shall achieve better success than the widespread attempts to define 'Marketing".

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