Continuous purchasing data can be collected from individuals

Date of publication: June 15, 1971


This paper is concerned with the validity of consumer panel data and some of the problems that are faced by a group of European consumer Panels. Iwo aspects of validity are covered. First, the representativeness of a panel is demonstrated by showing that the attitudes of panel members are similar to non-panel members. Second, the purchasing characteristics of a housewife are shown not to alter as a result of panel membership. An illustration is also given of the effect of alternative household classifications when a panel does give inaccurate results. The paper then introduces the concept of an individuals panel designed to measure purchases and use of products inside and outside the home. The individuals panel partly consists of members of households included in an existing consumer panel. Validation carried out relative to the existing household panel and the individuals panel is described. The paper also includes some discussion of published work on the validation of panels and panel techniques.

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