Continuous TV measurement through diary panels

Date of publication: June 15, 1992

Author: John Kaye


The broadcasting industries in South East Asia are showing the same fast development as the economies. Both in methodological and data delivery terms, many of the markets have the same facilities as markets in Europe and North America. Although not all markets have peoplemeters, data is available through continuous reporting diary panels, which offer many of the data advantages of peoplemeters. Data from these panels shows a high level of consistency, and the panels do not exhibit any distortions due to the twin "bugbears" of panel research- fatigue and bias. In addition to methodology innovations, the South East Asian countries also enjoy a high degree of data harmonisation through the use of common software for data analysis. With increasing attention being paid to regional media, and with pan- national broadcasting by direct satellite already a reality. South East Asia is well prepared for the future.

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