Contributions of synaesthesia to fragrance branding

Date of publication: November 14, 2007

Catalogue: Fragrance 2007


This paper describes the contribution of synaesthesia to fragrance branding, including experimental evidence that branding adds significantly to the experience of fragrances through the mechanisms of synaesthesia. Fragrances not only stimulate the olfactory sense but prompt visual, auditory, tactile, and taste sensations a total and holistic view of the brand experience. Synaesthesia: the union of the senses is a new and revolutionary method. Raw fragrances have emotional and other synaesthetic meanings in their own right over and above the branded or cooked values from naming and packaging. Sometimes these conflict and sometimes they are in harmony with one another. Using synaesthesia is a highly efficient diagnostic tool. We show that both fragrances and branding have significant effects on appreciation of perfumes. Ideally, they complement one another. The findings have powerful implications for the design and evaluation of perfumes and branding.

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