Customer satisfaction application in the information technology sector

Date of publication: June 15, 1994

Company: DOXA


If we had to sum up this telephone survey in three words, they would be: simplicity, speed and performance. The research has been carried out on a continuous basis in year-long waves. It relies heavily on PCs: not only for the actual interviews, but also as a tool for selecting potential interviewees and supervising and monitoring the proper implementation of the whole operation. Its target is users of the support services provided by a vendor in the IT sector. In a very short space of time (within the 24 hours following each day of fieldwork) the client gets data on level of satisfaction with service (overall and for individual HW and SW products) and information that can be used to deal instantly with reported cases of dissatisfaction. This research has made an important contribution to raising the already high level of customer satisfaction with both products and service supplied by our client: in fact by the end of the project’s second year, the level of satisfaction with service reached 94,80% (versus 88.7% when it first started)!

Luciana Traversari


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Research Papers

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