Data analytics & machine learning improving quality of life (Spanish)

Date of publication: May 14, 2018


The uSound Intelligent Hearing System connects people to the sounds of the everyday life. Through a simple test, the system can recognise the hearing needs of its user. Sounds are processed through the uSound Smart Earphones, a technology which ensures a hearing experience of excellence, turning an earphone into a device comparable to a high-end digital hearing aid. Conceived by Newbrick (Jujuy, Argentina), the product shows a huge opportunity of growth: only 1 in 40 of the 640 million potential users worldwide (people with a hearing issue) would access to a hearing aid today. Since its launch in 2013, the app has already collected more than 260 thousand registrations. uSound can help people with hearing issues to enjoy much more of their daily life activities. Nevertheless, the better it can adapt for all kind of environments, situations and profiles, the greater will be its long-term adoption and therefore its impact on the user's quality of life. Is with the aim of finding significant insights on uSound available data that serves to the development of customised adjustment according to the user profile and its changing environment, that Newbrick associates with LOOPA Ciencia de datos for this analytic & machine learning project.

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