Developing a new instrument for quantitative research into financial services

Date of publication: June 15, 1988

Company: NIPO

Authors: Theo Hess, Ted Vonk


This paper describes the application of a new technique for data-collecting in the field of quantitative research into financial services. Researchers know that quantitative research into financial services mostly creates relatively more fieldwork problems than research for other consumer goods. In the first part of this paper a number of these problems will be discussed. the CAPI-system (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) has been used for a research study on behalf 6 main Dutch banking corporations. This method will be discussed in the second part of the paper. The third part of this paper deals with the results of the pilot study carried out by means of the CAPI-method and compared with the traditional methods of data-collecting. In this study, using the same questionnaire, data were collected by means of the traditional face-to-face method, the CATI-system and the CAPI-method. Comparison of the results coming from these data-collecting methods leads to a number of conclusions.

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