Diamonds or dust

Date of publication: September 22, 2016

Catalogue: Congress 2016: #WOW

Company: Nielsen


The low success rate for innovation in Indian FMCG became a subject of interest at Nestlé India. Partnering with Nielsen we set out to understand what it takes innovations to win in the long term- form birth, to breakthrough and beyond the first phase of life on the shop shelf. The ensuring investigation threw up some surprises, but more importantly brought forth simple tenets that can instruct new launches to higher probability of enduring success, The passage to a winning, sustainable innovation has two critical stage gates incumbent in it: getting the innovation rights (pre-launch) and getting it through (once on the shelf). We examined both via frameworks created for the purpose and developed a guide for marketers wishing to maximize their chances in the marketplace.

Ritanbara Mundrey


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Amit Bali


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Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1988

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September 1, 1988

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