Duty free


This research programme was carried out with a marketing, not a technical, objective. In a situation where multinational throngs of travellers mill around together in the duty-free environment, it was imperative to find ways of directing products at a small number of segments rather than to each of a large number of national groups. Identical studies were therefore carried out among travellers from each of the major markets, to establish how their behaviour and attitudes to duty-free compared. We were surprised to find how far business travellers from Eastern and Western countries had come together in their attitudes and we felt that our experience might be of use to others directing their efforts towards business people across countries and continents. It is likely that some of the similarities of attitude we found would apply also in areas such as, for instance, hotel accommodation and car hire. The paper is divided into two sections: the marketing needs and the solutions found; and the technical considerations and conclusions. From a marketing point of view, useful insights were obtained into how to approach different types of business traveller, be they Japanese or French, and the research led to the development of specific products and promotions for the segments which emerged.

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