From tears & fears, when do we get to cheers?

Date of publication: July 1, 2020

Catalogue: Webinars 2020


The market research industry is at the forefront of understanding the changes consumers and companies are going through during these unprecedented times. Many studies and data analyses have been carried out by many research organizations around the world and Romania is no exception. 

Join us in a three days' event series organized by SORMA, the Romanian Market Research Association, in partnership with ESOMAR, aiming at better equipping clients activating on the Romanian market in responding adequately to the old and new consumer needs: 

- How have they reacted, attitudinally and behaviourally to the sanitary and the economic crises? 

- What are the resilient behaviours? What has not changed? 

- Which are the new consumer expectations towards companies nowadays?

Agenda of the day: 

Welcome: Alina Serbanica, SORMA President and ESOMAR representative for Romania 

Introduction: Forced into introspection: how what has changed inside does impact our behaviour outside- Roxana Baciu, MEDNET, Moderator and Session Chair 

How Normal is The New Normal?- Ioana Bobe, Senior Qualitative Researcher, ISRA Center, presentation language: Romanian 

The Consumer Stress Score- ROCK-ing back after the big "O"?- Denisa Apreutesei, Head of Qualitative Research and Andrei Elvadeanu, Head of Market Strategy, iSense Solutions, presentation language: Romanian 

What to Expect? Peek into the future by looking at people's plans for using financial products- Ioan Simu, General Manager, Mercury Research, presentation language: Romanian 

Panel discussion (Romanian): What's the distance between what we feel, say and do? Are changes here to stay? Or it's just a spot reaction to fear?

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