Future ways of communicating with doctors- Analysis of properties and demands of one market

Date of publication: March 1, 1977

Author: S. A. Ekedahl


My aim has been to try very cursory to explain why I consider changes necessary, I would, on the basis of an analysis of the Swedish market, like to: A) present important properties of the Swedish Market and the demands which the Swedish Market places on the pharmaceutical industry now and in the future. The same presumptions of conditions are not likely to apply to other markets. However, my analysis may perhaps show some trends or give you impulses to judgements of your own markets. The essential thing for us is to try to attain sufficient knowledge of the trend of development, enough to be able to be offensive; B) summarise the consequences of the demands and properties; C) suggest an adaptation to the demands of the market. An analysis should always be followed by a recommendation for an action programme and by feedback information with regard to constant changes of the conditions of the analysis and with regard to the results of our actions.

S. A. Ekedahl


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