Guiding Digital Transformation for Insights Organizations

Date of publication: May 13, 2022

Catalogue: Webinars 2022

Author: Allen Porter


What's it about?

When an organisation needs to determine its data collection strategy, and in particular, the technology solutions to use, one of the first questions is usually whether to build or buy. However, there is a third possibility, which is the focus of this session, and it involves customisation and integration of the ?buy? option with proprietary and 3rd party systems.

In the current age, the seamless interconnectivity of systems is driving many significant changes within the business. As companies move towards Digital Transformation, they expect data covering all sorts of aspects of the business to flow seamlessly and effortlessly. Furthermore, they expect that data to be available in a convenient, updated, and usable manner to those who need it in near real-time.

Integrating these can provide a solution customised to your organisation?s processes and points of view. Furthermore, it allows for workflows consisting of proprietary and 3rd party platforms to be tailored to support those processes. This hybrid approach, which we call binding, enables organisations to deploy customised solutions with the benefits of off-the-shelf products.

What's in it for me?

This presentation will highlight some examples and case studies where connecting applications and data allow us to supercharge processes. We will outline the advantages for both respondent and researcher and touch upon some of the challenges and pitfalls to consider.

  • Questions to consider when thinking about transforming the technology to support your Insights activities
  • Pros and Cons of Build vs Buy decisions
  • How a hybrid approach can help you get a customized solution with flexible commercial products
  • Review examples for market research companies, enterprise insight departments, and call center quality management

Allen Porter


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