Has Amazon met its match?

Date of publication: April 9, 2019

Catalogue: Latin America 2019

Company: NAILBITER Inc.

Author: Reid Searls


Every single day, millions more people will decide to shop online for an FMCG category for the very first time. This is a pivotal moment for brands. It is a moment when a consumer is highly likely to change from their typical brands, and etailers have a fundamentally disruptive influence on which brands a shopper will be exposed to. Online shopping is nothing new in 2018, however FMCG shoppers are starting to participate in the e-commerce revolution at a scale not previously seen in the past decade. To reveal key trends, identify opportunities for clients and offer cautionary tales, NAILBITER digs through four years of data, on 1100 brands, across more than 30 categories and dozens of countries to reveal the comprehensive shopper journey map of the omnichannel “phygital” consumer. Leading e-commerce retailers, such as Amazon, are entering the market with their own product lines and their own promotion agenda. Voice assistants are now being asked to make purchases and this has its own disruptive implication to the industry. Virtual reality (VR) is also starting to serve a function within the industry, as it can be used to replicate a store environment. With consideration to a number of key trends, NAILBITER will reveal the most comprehensive shopper journey map that encompasses all shopper types in a global multi-retail environment, including brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, traditional markets, phone commerce, home delivery, click-and-collect and voice.

Reid Searls


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