Producer has changed. Consumer has changed. What about the distributor?

Date of publication: April 1, 1995

Author: Tomás Drtina


A lot has already been said here about changes. Changes in the economy, in aspirations and social values, changes in attitudes, changes in consumer behaviour, changes in producers’ behaviour. Retail and wholesale trade belonged to the areas where the radical developments of the early 90’s changed the situation dramatically. The Czech Republic can be given as an example. In the past, the patterns of Czech retailing corresponded with the state of the whole economy - low amounts of selling space, inconvenient retail structures and the consumer in an inferior role. After the fall of the communist regime a principal economic transition started. Privatisation has entirely changed the ownership structure and both the retail and wholesale network have become enormously fragmented. Now a re- concentration process has been started. These developments go hand in hand with changes in the quality of retail supply and are supported by a large influx of international chains.

Tomás Drtina


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