Higher added value from marketing research

Date of publication: June 15, 1998


Today’s European automotive industry places increasing pressure on market researchers to carry out more and better research yet market research budgets are squeezed. This paradox creates an untenable situation. Internal clients are disappointed and frustrated because the budget is inadequate; there is insufficient manpower to carry out needed research; a fully researched support environment for decision-making is unavailable. In sum the paradox poses a threat to the success of the company and the continuity of the market research department. Indeed the desirability of an in-house market research department has been increasingly questioned in recent years. Should it be abolished in favour of external agencies as yet another cost-cutting measure? Or should it be retained and improved so as to provide the desired level of service? Is more research really the answer? Does it automatically generate more knowledge? Or does the answer lie in better use of existing data? This paper addresses these questions and proposes tools and methods which can be used to bring the market research function to a pitch of perfection.

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