Horse and carriage, moonlight and roses, sun and surf?

Date of publication: June 19, 2003


This paper outlines a novel approach to researching a Surf washing powder promotional press ad that ran in The Sun newspaper in the UK .This ad campaign promoted a Golden Jubilee competition run by Surf. The issue being addressed was the extent to which the tone of voice and communications of the brand advertising was complemented by the tone of voice of the medium in which it was placed. Surf is a laundry brand positioned in emotional terms as a friendly, playful, extrovert, fun brand and the advertising execution was playful and humorous. The Sun, as the most popular tabloid newspaper in the UK, is also positioned as playful, fun and extrovert. The question posed for research was the extent to which there was emotional synergy created by the media placement and whether this could be measured and indeed quantified.

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