How and why people buy magazines in the Netherlands

Date of publication: November 1, 1979


This paper intends to give a survey of the marketing and distribution of consumer magazines in the Netherlands by the Verenigde Nederlandse Uitgeversbedrijven (United Dutch Publishing Companies). In this report a survey is given of recent research regarding buying behaviour of consumer magazines, with the emphasis on single copy sales. This research was performed by a number of Dutch publishers united in the STOLP corporation (Corporation Development Single Copy Sales Consumer Magazines, founded in April, 1975). It was conducted in 1978/1979 and was aimed at: a. research with wholesalers and retailers and; b. research with the consumer, with the purpose to gain more insight into the possibilities of single copy sales, which are at this moment 35% of the total turnover in magazines in the Netherlands. The authors plead for more research where the findings on the publishing side and on the consumer side are integrated.

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