How professional is the management of research institutes?

Date of publication: May 1, 1974


During the Luxembourg Seminar on "Managing Market Research as a Business" I carried out a brief survey on some aspects of the management of research institutes. The questionnaire was set up in haste and the sample is the only representative of agency people present in Luxembourg. Nevertheless, it may be worthwhile to have a look at the results, which must be of interest to everybody engaged in market research. From the 34 bureaus that were represented 25 are managed by a professional researcher and 9 by a non-professional. Mainly social psychological research is carried out by 15 bureaus, quantitative research by 25, continuous research (panel/audit/omnibus) by 16. In 13 cases the manager is a shareholder and not so in 21 cases. A profit sharing scheme for senior staff exists with 14 out of the 34.

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