How to increase the chance for success in new products

Date of publication: June 15, 1994


This case study describes the successful Pan-European launch of "Biscuits Maison de Delacre", using the same brand positioning, the same biscuits, the same packaging, the same pricing and the same advertising. From our experiences in managing this Pan- European project we come to the following key points: 1. Pan-European branding can help reduce risk in new product development by gaining company-wide commitment, leading in turn to the release of total company financial and human energy which drives better quality execution and better quality thinking 2. Greater geographic scope also brings greater volume potential, which drives down cost and expands margin for the company and value for the consumer 3. The traditional arguments against Pan-European branding, namely the supposed absence of similar tastes and attitudes amongst European consumers, do not seem to exist for Biscuits Maison. With a new product, it is clearly possible to create an image which will motivate across many borders, and with unknown biscuits, organoleptic acceptance is not hindered by geographical boundaries.

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