How to win in the reputation economy by applying global insight in reputation to LATAM

Date of publication: May 14, 2018


The reputation economy is increasingly defined by the intangibles that shape the perceptions and reality of how a corporate brand is viewed. This session will tap into a rich vein of reputation insight based on the extensive RepTrak® database and showcase new learning informed by global studies fielded in Q1 2018. In exploring the key dimensions and attributes of reputation, the presentation will serve to identify the trigger points that can help companies in LATAM to successfully enhance their reputation relative to the rest of the world, while uncovering the unique challenges within the region. Participants will derive an understanding of why reputation matters, what they can actionably do to enhance reputation, and gain clear direction of what expected KPIs might look like. The entire discussion will be fact-based, and inspired by empirical data that is unique to LATAM.

Stephen Hahn-Griffiths


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