Identical field surveys in different countries

Date of publication: June 15, 1963

Author: A. D. Wilson


The evidence of internationalism in research grows, but the literature on the subject is at present fairly undeveloped. This paper will describe a little of our experience as well as the more interesting results. The experience comes from a marketing and attitude survey of the six countries of the Common Market and of Great Britain. However many marketing surveys there have been that set out to find out the same things from people of different cultures and languages, there has been none (that I know of) that was published in every detail and that was undertaken from the start with publication in view. Most marketing surveys set out to cover specific ground, to answer a specific problem that has been posed by a company. The survey I am describing started with only one questions What facts of the European marketing scene and what facets of European attitudes would interest the greatest number of people in Europe and elsewhere? This provided a challenge full of excitement and interest and certainly not lacking in exasperation.

A. D. Wilson


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