Increase insights ROI with knowledge management

Date of publication: June 30, 2021

Catalogue: Webinars 2021


Imagine buying a $20,000 car and then forgetting where you parked it. The car was supposed to take you places, but instead it's sitting somewhere gathering dust, losing value with each passing second. Well, that same thing happens with insights every day in large, global enterprises. And that's why Stravito was founded. 

In this webinar, Stravito CEO and co-founder Thor Olof Philogène shares how he went from building a global Growth & Analytics team to embarking on a mission to solve the underuse of insights with a user-friendly knowledge management platform. A platform purpose-built for market research and insights that's now used by Electrolux, Comcast, Carlsberg, and other global leaders to leverage more insights. 

You'll also get to see first-hand how Stravito makes it easy to increase insights ROI by:
- Centralizing reports, dashboards, videos, and more

- Inspiring stakeholders with relevant, easy-to-digest content

- Tailoring knowledge sharing to user needs and preferences

Thor Olof Philogène


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Tania Poelmann


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