Individualisation and the need for marketing information management

Author: Wil Wurtz


In this paper it is argued that growing individualisation of consumer lifestyle and demand necessarily leads to a major change in commercial communication. Already a shift from advertising to direct marketing is noticeable. But also direct marketing has to move further into a direction of individualisation of communication with consumers. Market research base to (re)define its role within this changing environment. Market research has traditionally strong links with advertising. It is argued that market research should get closer to the direct marketing world in view of growing individulisation of consumers. Because of their skills in data collection and data-analysis market researchers are well equipped for executing Marketing Information Management, which is the basis of Marketing & Sales Productivity Systems (MSP Systems). MSP Systems are built upon a central database that holds all relevant information of clients and prospects of marketing and sales activities. Such a system help companies to cope with the communication problems related to the growing individualisation of consumer lifestyle and demand.

Wil Wurtz


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