Insight mining with positive psychology

Date of publication: November 20, 2013


Author: Stacy Graiko


Positive affect has been shown to increase creativity and problem-solving (Isen et al, 1987) and interventions developed from positive psychology, the scientific study of well-being, have been shown to increase engagement, verbal fluidity and creativity in clinical and nonclinical populations (Frederickson, 2004, 2008). In this new study, the author demonstrates how using positive interventions at the beginning, during and at the end of focus groups and individual depth interviews increases engagement and creativity for research respondents, netting deeper and richer insights for innovation and foundational research. Additionally, this approach drives engagement and enjoyment of the research process for both respondents and backroom observers and creates high-caliber experiences for all.

Stacy Graiko


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Research Papers

Research Papers

Research Papers

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