Is service measurable?


Nowadays there are a lot of measuring methods which allow us to control various marketing-measures and to estimate their chances of success. Product testing, work with test markets and the more conventional methods of research in markets and motivations are reducing the risks for the enterprises. On the other hand, media-research, copy-tests and the measuring of advertising effectiveness and a few of sophisticated techniques in the marketing-communication-area give us quite a lot of data which are rather significant. All these results don't guarantee the final success in business, but make it more probable. INFRATEST Munich made various studies on these subjects. Their aim was to measure this service-behaviour, the influence of particular factors and to quantify the results. In doing so an opportunity for a general improvement of service-behaviour was created, which allowed interested firms to make corrections and improvements on the basis of empiric data. Three studies will be presented here. The first one took place in self-service-shops for food and was carried out in co-operation with the dipl.oec.publ. Roland Berger International Marketing Consultants. The second study was directed to female shop assistants in retail-business-shops of the brassiere and corset branch. The third study took place in travel-agencies. Detailed statements will be given separately for each study; at first, however, some observations about the method, which is similar for all three studies.

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