Joined up research on the eHighway

Date of publication: September 23, 2001


This paper discusses the research challenges faced by Egg, a leading Internet bank in the United Kingdom, and describes the innovative approach it has taken both in its use of research methodologies and in the technology of the Internet to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Considerable emphasis is placed on the high quality of service it provides and high-volume, continuous research on all aspects of its services is considered fundamental to its long-term success in both attracting and retaining customers. Egg has adopted a policy of ‘joined up research’ by using continuous and overlapping sources of research data from multiple sources to create a complete picture rather than a series of isolated fragments of information. Frequent, short web-based quantitative surveys are complemented with standard qualitative and desk research activities to provide this integrated and holistic view. Along the way, Egg has had a number of methodological, technological and ethical issues to consider, and this paper will draw on the practical experiences of the authors to demonstrate how they can be managed and resolved satisfactorily.

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